When I was deciding what shift knob to put on the DSG Project BRZ, I must have went through a hundred different options. I came across this brand that was doing things a little differently. They put an intense focus on on design and variety. Not only was the craftsmanship visible through a simple photo but there were so many options to choose from. Raceseng is does a few small parts but their Shift Knobs are where it's at. Not only do they have enough options to service your street or track needs, the shift knob I fell for, the Rondure is one of the heaviest shift knobs on the market, weighing in at just under 2lbs.

Their hybrid series also caught my eye which gives you the ability to change the cover of the shift knob at any point by simply screwing it off and on. They build all these things at their location in Pennsylvania including all the tools and accessories you need to accompany your shift knob including reverse lock outs, extenders, tools for their hybrid line and much more. 

DSG is happy to have Raceseng join the line up. We've added a variety of thread pitches which fit many vehicles. If you require a thread pitch not listed, contact us!

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