Introducing : The Best Of The X

Introducing The Best of The X For a new blog, we give you a new series. Welcome to The Best of The X. Over the coming months, the DSG Team is going to be listing our all time favorite mods for the Mitsubishi Evo X. You may not know this, but the Evo X was the very first platform we started with which makes our experience with this JDM legend a 10 Year adventure. To commemorate this milestone, we’re going to be looking into the past with you. Every article in the Best of The X series will feature another mod as well as a runner up, starting from the back and working our way up to the front. 

Benefit from our insights into what aspects of each mod, make it best suited for the Evo X. 

Next week, our first mod will be the HKS Super Turbo Exhaust System which is currently outfitted to our DSG Project Varis Evo X PLUS a runner up which will be chosen by one of the DSG Staff. 

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Stay tuned!

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