Fifteen52 Wheels Joins The DSG Line Up

I know what some of you may be thinking. I've heard of those guys! Yes you have BUT you likely don't realize just how long these guys have been around. If you're thinking wheel specialist, Fifteen52 is a new kid on the block, these guys have been around for 25 years and know their stuff. A few years ago though, they saw huge notoriety thanks to their partnerships with guys like Ken Block and the Porsche obsessed, Magnus Walker.


Now, you know our style by now. DSG doesn't just walk around picking out brands like we're shopping in a grocery store. Adding someone new to our line up is a big deal and our own passion and personal preferences weigh on our decisions. Lately, we've been trying to stretch out DSG's arms and Fifteen52 is the perfect candidate. 

What we love the most about their designs are their simplicity. They're minimal, intelligently designed and sport a few very unique set of features Fifteen52 pioneered.


We also love Fifteen's mission which is to adapt motorsport styling to every day encounters of street driving. Racing wheels are great but can often not withstand the abuse of daily driving, Fifteens wheels can do just that and more. 

It just so happened to be a bonus that these forward thinking guys are a total blast to work with. 

DSG is honoured to be a Master Dealer of Fifteen52's full line up and look forward to showing you guys what we have in store. 

Stay tuned for a whole slew of photo and video coming your way. 

Click here to shop the full Fifteen52 Line Up

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