A while back, we brought on rally inspired wheel producer, Fifteen52. It all began with a simple phone call and we just hit it off immediately. Since then we've added the full collection to the DSG site BUT, it looks like we'll have one more to add very soon. 

Fifteen52 just teased their upcoming Flow Form Wheel, the Holeshot. Taking a different approach to the status quo flow-form monoblock profile, Fifteen52 has added a reinforced lip, machined scallops on the spokes for lightness and rigidity and knurled beadseats for reduced tire slippage. 

Some notable fitments include: 

  • Golf R/GTI • 19x8.5 ET45 5x112 57.1CB⁣
  • Focus RS/ST • 19x9 ET45 5x108 63.4CB⁣
  • Civic Type R • 19x9.5 ET45 5x120 64.1CB⁣

Expect to see these babies live soon, not to mention a very special project we've been working on in collaboration with Fifteen52. 

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