Not long ago, DSG became an authorized Titan 7 Dealer. We did it for a few reasons but one of the main ones is the story behind the up and coming wheel brand. If you haven't heard the name Eddie Lee, be glad you found this blog post because he's the main reason, Titan 7 is SERIOUS competition to all the other wheel brands in the motorsports sector. 

Once upon a time, in the 90's, a banker named Eddie Lee decided to leave his lucrative job for something with a little more passion. He landed at Mackin Industries where he excelled enough to be promoted to General Manager, a position in which he was a major driving force behind the rise of names like Volk Racing and Rays wheels. 

 Eddie thought, after a long and successful career in the motorsports industry that it was time to build something of his own and that's where Titan 7 comes in. 

Titan 7 isn't some random up and comer, they're a serious threat to all the big bad wheel names in the industry, not only because of their incredible style and craftsmanship but because behind it stands a man who was responsible for their growth. 

DSG is honoured to be a part of Titan 7's journey and we can't wait to see what they guys have in store. 

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