DSG to Host PASMAG's Tuner Battlegrounds

A few months ago, DSG moved into a brand new HQ, with summer in full swing, we want to celebrate our new diggs with all of you. So on August 24th, we'll be throwing a party of epic proportions right here in Montreal, at our new place. There will be food, killer coffee and a few special attractions including the return of our DSG Wheel of Fortune, seen at Driven Show, a new DSG Apparel Brand BUT hang on, there's more..

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG) is excited to announce its partnership with DSG Performance's Grand Opening at the DSG Performance Headquarters (4615 Rue Fairway Lachine, Quebec H8T 1B7) on Saturday, August 25, 2019.

A Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE competition will be integrated to the event as a unique award category, similar to a People's Choice award, and the Winner receives an exclusive print feature in PASMAG!

Click here to grab your FREE Ticket!

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