If you've seen Marc on his social media, you'll very quickly notice that he's a pretty easy guy to get a long with. Now, what you WILL notice is that he is also one hell of a driver, one that DSG is proud and honoured to be sponsoring. He's already got experience on the track but with his latest slew of parts and his new livery, The Wulph is ready to brawl and we plan on sharing it with you every step of the way. 

Now, a few words from the man himself: 
"Man behind the Helmet: Growing up with a father that is a master mechanic, you tend to pick things up. In my father’s house, it was either learn to fix what you have or go without it. So, from a young age I learned how to teardown a carburetor and put it back together. Engines became life blood to me, but I had nowhere to focus it. So, I helped my father build engines for people and just learned what I could. 


Then at age 12, it happened ... At the time my father was a lead mechanic supervisor for Penske Truck rental and then gave him a family race passes, with pit passes, to the running of their F1 Car at Laguna Seca Raceway. I was more curious than excited, as at this point in my life I did not have much interaction with race cars or anything of the sort. We were sitting at turn 3, right after The Andretti Hairpin, and the first sounds of the Touring cars rang in my ears. I have never heard or seen a Touring car, let alone know what a Touring car was. They flew past Turn 3 and I was wide eyed and mouth dropped. I was in LOVE. The engines screaming through every shift, tires screeching under duress, the smell of racing fuel and exhaust… What a time to be alive! Flash forward to now – I have been on many tracks, built many cars, ran in many events all to bring it to this point in my life. Becoming Professional at what I do. Being a Driver is a lot more difficult than I had first expected and has never gotten easier throughout the years. Rules change, tracks change, cars change, and drivers change. But here I am… Sticking with it and proving myself and doing my best to leave a mark on the motorsports world.

With the loving support of my Girlfriend, Son, and Crew members (My Family) I have worked my way up and now am running a Touring Car. I can never thank them enough or thank the people who have believed in my throughout the years.. Taking Podium or not .. If you see me out there shredding the track, come by and say hi.. I enjoy the conversation and I love to joke, laugh, and meet new people. As Always – Fuel your Passion and be the best you can! Rumble on."

You heard him folks, and trust us, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for video and more.

The Wulph Highlights:

Driver: Marc Wulph (Pronounced Wolf)
DOB: May 27th 1980 POB: Hayward, California, USA Current Race Car: #3 (#23 on TT) 2015 Subaru STI Favorite Racecar: Aston Martin DTM #76
Racing Cred: Drifting, Time Attack, Road Racing, Touring Car



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