Best of The X Part 3: Fenders

We're back folks with Part 3 of our Best Of The X Series where we talk about all of our favourite parts for the Evo X from tail light to headlight. In this instalment, we're going to be giving you our 2 favourite Fender set ups in existence for the Evo X. Today, you'll be hearing from both I (Eran) and Jason for our two picks.

Victory Function Fenders


Jason's 2 Cents: "The open style of the Victory Function front fenders were not my favourite when they first came out, but when they released the carbon blade to close that up, things start to change. The fact that you could get them in CFRP with really nice touches like titanium hardware for the rear made me flip my view upside down. Don't you just love it when that happens? Victory Function became my favourite option. Lightweight, reasonable lead times, American made and not overkill on width skyrocketed these fenders to the top of my wish list."


StreetFighter LA Fenders

streetfighter_la_best_of_the_x_dsg_performanceEran's 2 Cents: We've been talking about these guys and our love for them for a few weeks now, Jason and I even covered their fascinating story in our Mod Talks Podcast (Click here to Listen to the Episode). StreetFighter LA does a lot of things just right and their fenders are one of those things. So, where do I begin, SFLA really ticks off all the boxes that I consider essential to me liking something as vital as fenders. #1 of course is fitment. You're talking about adding an external part to your car, it's got to fit and it's got to fit JUST right. SFLA has this covered. By using OEM digital scans and CAD I can count on high precision fitment every time. #2 is testing. These guys put their aero to the test by track testing their formula and manufacturing process in Formula drift resulting in high strength and durability. To tell you about my last box, #3, I'll jump back to SF's use of OEM scans. One thing (and trust me there aren't many) that Jason and I share in our modifying methodology is our effort to keep an OEM feel to our projects. We can't go long without picking up some parts for our cars but we want to make sure the reasons we love those cars in the first place are improved upon rather than changed, these guys stick to this mentality, perhaps more than any other aero producer in the EVO X market. Bonus box #4 is style. That undefinable thing that a brand either has or doesn't have and SFLA has it in spades. From their inception story to their kits to their apparel, these guys are just cool and they know it. 



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