Best Of The X : Our Top Exhaust Pick

Welcome boys and girls to our first installation of DSG's Best Of The X Series. This week, we're talking exhausts. We've got our top pick for you and a runner up as well.

Exhausts are such an important part of any build. It sets the tone (figuratively and literally) for the entire car and if it done right, that tone is a symphony. 

Runner Up: ARK Performance DT-S Exhaust


DSG's Jason Hempey's (you've probably seen him in our latest video: DSG GRIT Series Interview) has chosen the ARK Performance DT-S Exhaust as his top pick. 

"Despite being on the aggressive side volume-wise, the polished rolled dual tips keep it a little incognito versus something like a single exit. Sound wise, it's one of my favourite choices and most importantly, it rips...sans fart (pun intended). ARK is one of the fundamental brands that started it all for DSG, way back and we still haven't changed our minds about ARK and their products."

There you have it folks, ARK has a lot going for it including craftsmanship and superior tone.

DSG's Top Pick: HKS Super Turbo Exhaust System


Our top pick for this week's Best Of The X comes from the guy who's been driving the Evo X for 10 years on the nose. DSG Co-Founder Sean Segal sheds light on why the HKS Super Turbo Exhaust System is the best exhausts he's had on his Evo X (he's had many).

"Our entire build philosophy behind our Evo X was to put together a vehicle that was intended purely for the street, but could perform on the track at a seconds notice. When you have a clearcut goal it makes it easier to select the best mods for the project, because it becomes more than just going all out for horespower or slamming the car as low as it can go. There is intention and purpose behind the choices, everything has to meet a certain criteria and blend together. Hence, the HKS Super Turbo. Ironically, in retrospect we chose a few parts for the build that start with super (something subliminal maybe?) but the HKS Super Turbo stands out as all-time my favourite exhaust, and with a heck of a good few reasons.

Power, without sacrifice: There are no shortages of exhaust out there which meet the criteria of 3" to produce optimal flow, but more often than not they have their share of downsides. They may drone, be overtly and obnoxiously loud, maybe they're just a bit too basic. The HKS Super Turbo stands out of the crowd, with a full 3" exhaust from tip to tip the system was purposefully designed to push some serious power, but all the while maintaining a very street friendly exhaust note. The sound this system puts out is incredible and refined and it kicks just the right amount. 

Style: The exhaust just screams style, with chemically burned 5", perforated exhaust tips - there truly is no other system that lends so well to the rear end of the Evo X. HKS truly built a work of art with this system. 


Price: I am not one to shy away from an expensive product, after all price does often accompany quality and much of we what we offer is in that realm. An Amuse R1 Exhaust System is worth every dollar, because of how its crafted and the materials and time which go into it -  Matsui-San is an artist and the exhaust is his craft. For top exhaust though, I give the win to the HKS, as the Super Turbo manages to find that refined aesthetic all the while staying at a very reasonable 1519.99."

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