We haven't exactly heard a metric ton about the CLA45 AMG in the past few months but AMS quickly put an end to that with a tease of 2 new upcoming products. In case you hadn't heard, AMS managed get their CLA into the 10 second range with a record run of 10.72 at 129mph a couple of months back namely with the help of these 2 new products according to them. 


The first is a Garrett GTX30 based turbo upgrade for the A45 Series platform which is current in its final stages of cold climate testing. 


The second product is their upgraded Alpha CLA fuel pump that flows enough fuel to push their CLA into that mid 10 second range using 93 octane fuel no less. 

Pretty exciting stuff out of AMS. 
If this turbo turns out to be anything like the STX500 Turbo for the Mitsubishi Evo X, we expect BIG things. Subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date on the big release! 

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