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Street Spirit Reborn: Up Close & Personal with Infamous Mind

Apr 11, 2019

True story: 

About a few years ago, when I was still very active on Facebook, handing out my privacy to be mined, sold, and shared with the rest of the corporate world…

I was in desperate need of finding the perfect part for my car. You know how that goes. I was looking for a shift knob. Not just any shift knob. I wanted the PERFECT shift knob. 

At the time, I was using a crappy lightweight shift knob that would get loose every couple days. So, I found myself constantly tightening it while driving. Even at a few track days! Needless to say, I had enough. I needed a change.

So, I began my search. My search ended with a perfectly shaped heavyweight shift knob that packed a visual punch. Sadly, I sold that car and I let the shift knob go with it. Don't ask why...It's the one that got away. If I had to do the search all over again, I know precisely what shift knob I would go with. It's the Infamous 525 shift knob. 


This shift knob has it ALL. It reminds me of my past love (shift knob). It has the right curves. The looks. And, some personality. Most notably it has the heavy weight, which is a must for any real driving enthusiast. The Infamous 525 shift knob is constructed of stainless steel. 

And, for good reason. Because it's brutally heavy, at 525 grams (1.2 LBS)! Topping it off is an amazing burnt finish on the top of the shift knob that will show signs of usage. As months and years go by, your shift knob will begin to show unique patina. Its colors will fade slowly in the spots that are handled the most. That alone makes it a keeper. All you need is an adapter and you're good to go. You can move it from car to car with no problem. 

A feature that really makes the Infamous 525 shift knob stand out is the ghost logo. 

What's the deal with that, you might be asking? Allow me to elaborate… The ghost logo has a couple different meanings. It derives from the phrase, 'street spirit' which represents the nostalgia of 90's car culture. Who in their right mind doesn't appreciate 90's car culture? The ghost serves to "protect" the brand and ward off anyone trying to imitate or replicate Infamous creations. It's a preventative measure against cheap knockoffs. We can't argue with that, especially when the ghost logo simply WORKS. It looks good period. 

As you've likely come to see already, DSG doesn't add new brands to the line up lightly. Many things go into consideration but perhaps, none as important as a conversation with the head of the brand. Jesse, (Founder of Infamous) and I click right away. I could feel his passion through the phone receiver. It's what makes the Infamous 525 shift knob stand out, and that's why DSG Performance now proudly carries it. If you need a new shift knob that speaks volumes, and outperforms the competition, then you need the Infamous 525 shift knob. 

It does the job exceptionally well, and if you treat it right, will stick with you until you buy an automatic. JK, we all know that ain’t happening. 

The 525 is just the first product to come out of Infamous, but they're just getting started and we can't wait to show you what else is coming. 

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