Torque Solution Go Pro Mounts Available on DSG Online!

Jan 8, 2019


Good news folks! As one of the first efforts in bringing you some awesome accessories for your car, we bring you the Torque Solution Tow Hook Go Pro Mount Line, now available on DSG Online! Torque Solution is a brand we truly love and believe in, hell, we're about to run their short shifter on our DSG Project BRZ! They make some fantastic items and they're as you'll see with their Go Pro mounts, they're gorgeous. 

The Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Go Pro Mount Tow Hook Rings add a mounting location for your GoPro so you are able to catch those memorable moments you have on the street, track or drag strip. The Tow hook is able to lock at either 45 Degree or 90 Degree positions. Some of the most notable features include an Aluminum Construction, Perfect Go Pro Fitment, & a lifetime warranty.

You can get these mounts in a choice of silver, red, blue or black.

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