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The Waylens Horizon is a Car Enthusiast's Dream. Here's Why.

Aug 20, 2019


Camera tech has changed exponentially over the past decade and action camera's like Go Pro has given enthusiasts like us the ability to take people along for the ride, whether it be on a race track or something more focused like a camera hanging off your rear bumper pointed right at your exhaust. 

A up and coming start up called Waylens has come out with a Hybrid action camera that is not of much interest to the outside world but of immense use to the aftermarket enthusiast community. 


The Waylens Horizon is a data logging camera plugged in via OBD-II port, capable of recording an incredible amount of highly useful driving informaiton including RPM, MAF, Boost, Engine Temp as well as Speed, G-Force and Pitch/Roll. It even uses GPS to track your location, even during high speed turns. You don't have to have an elaborate imagination to see the potential benefits to pro drivers and weekend warriors. 

While the camera's going, you can manually tag clips you want to save via remote on your steering wheel or the camera can tag them itself. This gives you interesting and highly specific information that the Horizon is able to track. 

Here's what The Verge had to say regarding the Horizon's build quality and technology. "The camera has top-of-the-line guts for something of its size. It uses a 1/1.8-inch Sony sensor — which is bigger than the 1/2.3-inch version found in GoPro’s Hero 5 Black — as well as an Ambarella processor. These, paired with an f2.4 lens, help produce high-quality video, even during night driving. On the back of the camera is a 286 ppi OLED touchscreen, which can display a live view or a number of different real-time statistics like speed, RPM, pitch and roll, G-force, and even boost levels (if your car is properly equipped)."


Sharing is actually where the Horizon's value becomes even more special. Review and edit footage right from your phone without removing the microSD card. Simply select your overlay style and the data points you wish to show and share right now from the app. That's just the tip of the iceberg you can actually use Waylens' built in software to add music and other media as well as post your results to compete with other Horizon users. 

Whether you're a weekend warrior looking to take your days at the track more seriously or a pro driver, the Waylens Horizon camera opens a new door to live information that will not only make you a better driver but a more informed one. 

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