Jaw Dropping Shift Knobs :: Raceseng Joins The DSG Line Up

When I was deciding what shift knob to put on the DSG Project BRZ, I must have went through a hundred different options. I came across this brand that was doing things a little differently. They put an intense focus on on design and variety. Not only was the craftsmanship visible through a simple photo but there were so many options to choose from. Raceseng is does a few small parts but their Shift Knobs are where it's at. Not only do they have enough options to service your street or track needs, the shift knob I fell for, the Rondure is one of the heaviest shift knobs on the market, weighing in at just under 2lbs. 

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Just Added: WeatherTech Floor & Cargo Liners

Let's face it, you're an enthusiast and you love your car beyond words, this comes with a bit of baggage. One of the most common things is the constant worry for the condition of your beloved baby. If serious winters are a reality for you, it takes that worry to a whole new level, in order to help you alleviate some, we bring you WeatherTech floor liners, providing the ultimate protection...

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