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Infamous Limited Edition 525 Premium Shift Knob: Is This Goodbye Or See You Later?

A mere few months ago, I met Jesse, co-founder of Infamous Mind and the mind behind the 525 Limited Edition Premium Shift Knob. Admittedly, I didn't know much about Infamous at first, they were a new company looking to make their mark on the aftermarket world, but their 525 shifter caught my attention, just like it now has so many other enthusiasts. The design was both refreshing and reminiscent of times past, a throwback to Japanese racing culture while emanating its own identity. The description written about this shifter was eloquent and nostalgic, making you understand exactly why this 1.2LB tool was created. 

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Street Spirit Reborn: Up Close & Personal with Infamous Mind

About a few years ago, when I was still very active on Facebook, handing out my privacy to be mined, sold, and shared with the rest of the corporate world… I was in desperate need of finding the perfect part for my car. You know how that goes.

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