Mod Talks Episode 14: A Baker's Dozen Featuring David Boudreau - A DSG Performance Podcast

In episode 14 of Mod Talks, we've got another guest for you. Our good pal and customer, David Boudreau (that gorgeous blue Evo X you've seen Get The Look Series) was in town for a quick visit and we thought why not get this charming cat on the podcast. We talk about life in Nunavut, Canada, bear fights and the evolution of David's Mitsubishi Evolution. 

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Best of The X Part 3: Fenders

We're back folks with Part 3 of our Best Of The X Series where we talk about all of our favourite parts for the Evo X from tail light to headlight. In this instalment, we're going to be giving you our 2 favourite Fender set ups in existence for the Evo X. Today, you'll be hearing from both I (Eran) and Jason for our two picks.

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Mod Talks - Episode 8

On episode 8 of Mod Talks, a DSG Performance Podcast, my audio comrade Jason and I delve into Streetfighter LA, Aero producer extraordinaire. These guys have been stealing the show non stop and it's time you knew all about them and what makes them a serious candidate for your aero wishlist BUT before we get into that, I go into my grand, epic tale of war and victory against the most unlikely enemy.

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DSG Performance Limited Edition

We've always said that we've been blessed with truly extraordinary customers. This limited edition t-shirt is a testament to that fact. A few years ago, DSG attended Importfest in Toronto for the first time ever...

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