Importfest 2019 Recap Presented by Yours Truly (VIDEO)

DSG headed to Importfest 2019 and came back with a recap of the show. Check out some of our favourite rides and moments. Always an awesome time! Big thanks to J3P Cinema for lending us his sick vid skills.

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Mod Talks Podcast: 32mm Philips Head - Teaser Video

For the past few weeks, we've been making some serious improvements to the DSG Mod Talks Podcast. Not only have taken our sound to a whole new level but as you can see, we will now be doing video too! 

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0-100 Video/Photoshoot Part 1

We've done a lot of photoshoots here DSG in the past few years. Some big, some small but none as epic as what we're about to show you. A while back, we intersected with 3 very unique customers with an Evo X, GTR & Audi S5, who shared a torrid obsession of taking their builds to the next level. The GTR and Evo X would come to be the two first DSG fully built cars.

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