New Vlog: Breaking Down Tarox Brakes (while experiencing a sugar high)

Andrew & Eran got a SWEET Tarox brake kit at the DSG HQ. After experiencing a sugar high on some concoction Andrew brought called a Starbucks Strawberry Acai Lemonade. Drew proceeded to explain what makes Tarox such an interesting brand while Eran does everything in his power to make the task challenging.

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Everything You Don't Know About Tarox Brakes (Part 1)

DSG recently added Tarox Brakes to the DSG Line Up. This particular partnership had quite an interesting start for us. We actually spent quite a bit of time discussing Tarox's products as well as their story and methodology. We wanted to know what made these guys special and how they translated that into their braking systems. Once we heard their story, we were hooked. 

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