Fifteen52 Teases Upcoming Flow Form Wheel Dubbed

A while back, we brought on rally inspired wheel producer, Fifteen52. It all began with a simple phone call and we just hit it off immediately. Since then we've added the full collection to the DSG site BUT, it looks like we'll have one more to add very soon. 

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Fifteen52's First Flow Form Wheel is a Winner

Fifteen52 has been around for sometime but DSG has only been carrying the wheel specialist for a few months. That being said, we're already impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of their wheels. Today though, we get to drool over a new wheel, Fifteen52's first foray into Flow Form construction; the Holeshot RSR. Described by them as "the perfect balance of style and performance." The 19 inch Holeshot wheel came about through a design exercise in perfecting the classic mesh wheel design. 

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