Fifteen52's First Flow Form Wheel is a Winner

Sep 30, 2019


Fifteen52 has been around for sometime but DSG has only been carrying the wheel specialist for a few months. That being said, we're already impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of their wheels. Today though, we get to drool over a new wheel, Fifteen52's first foray into Flow Form construction; the Holeshot RSR. Described by them as "the perfect balance of style and performance." The 19 inch Holeshot wheel came about through a design exercise in perfecting the classic mesh wheel design. 


A stepped lip profile, subtle face protrusion, brake clearance and stepped scalloped spokes are just a few of the traits that distinguish the Holeshot from its other Fifteen52 family members. 

One of our favourite aspects of this wheels is that the Holeshot can specifically target a wide range of vehicles and provide ideal fitments for each application, starting with the Type R FK8, MK7 Golf/Jetta and MK3 Ford Focus. Available in Magnesium Grey and Radiant Silver, the Holeshot can be pre-ordered right now through DSG Performance with production finishing in about 5 weeks. 


Scroll down to to view Holeshot fitments. 

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