DSG is Adding a New Car To The DSG Line Up & We're Pumped

Aug 22, 2019


For the past few weeks we've been adding a treasure trove of parts to the DSG website in preparation for the launch of the next car we'll be supporting and adding to the DSG Line Up. The more parts, we add, the more excited I get. This is a car that I personally happen to love, in fact, after driving 3 of them over the span of 2 years, it's easily one of my favourites. 

Curiousity killing you? Okay I'll give you a little more. Those of you who know me (Eran - Co-Founder) know that I'm a coupe guy. They're inconvenient, absolutely but to me, they represent the spirit of driving. The smooth flow of their design, the raw, visceral feel of the drive, they just get me. This particular coupe, as raw as it was, had my heart almost immediately and driving it every day for so long wasn't just a blast, it was a privilege. 

I'm so proud of the products we're going to be able to offer you guys and honoured to be working closely with the brands behind those products. DSG's mission has always been to scour the industry for the most unique and talented brands. This latest edition to the line up represents that mission. 

Stay tuned because we'll be announcing this new addition to the DSG family VERY soon. Don't miss it. 

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