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In this new blog series, we're going to do something you've never seen before. We've all seen the sunny side of modding. Guy builds a car into his dream whip and rides off into the sunset, well, this ain't that. Watch the good, the bad and the ugly of modding right here at DSG.

DSG GRIT Series: Interview with Jason Hempey (Video)

Nov 16, 2018

We consider ourselves pretty lucky at DSG, to be surrounded with so many passionate individuals who not only help others achieve their car dreams but actually invest quite a bit toward their own as well. This brings us to part 1 of our DSG GRIT Series. 

In this interview, we'll be speaking with DSG's own, Jason Hempey about his over the top, RX-7 build. Many of you likely know or have worked directly with Jason on your own build. What you may not know is Jason has been hard at work on his prized RX-7 and has gotten an impressive amount done in a short time. You also may not know that Jason and I have quite an interesting relationship...to put it mildly. 

We had to know what made Jason spend his hard earned money on this project and what speed bumps and potholes he's encountered along the way, which is what this series is all about. In short, DSG GRIT is all about the journey. 

Pull out the popcorn and enjoy folks.



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