0-100 Video/Photoshoot Part 1

Sep 27, 2016

We've done a lot of photoshoots here DSG in the past few years. Some big, some small but none as epic as what we're about to show you. A while back, we intersected with 3 very unique customers with an Evo X, GTR & Audi S5, who shared a torrid obsession of taking their builds to the next level. The GTR and Evo X would come to be the two first DSG fully built cars. 
After a few celebratory drinks, we realized that we would need to document the entire process. So we brought on Sebastian Devaux of Red Icon Media to help us make our little documentary an epic one. After an arduous 6 month long journey, our photo/videoshoot is ready for the world to see. In fact, we've got so much content that we had to break it up into 2 parts. So, without further ado, we bring you Part 1 of our 0-100 shoot. 

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posted on Nov 20, 2018
Good afternoon, I was looking into filling out the sponsorship form but was wondering if you guys take in new people? or do you guys only take in people that are already sponsored by other companies?

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