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Customer Reviews DSG Performance

Beyond all else, providing nothing short of jaw-dropping customer service and experience is both our top priority and our highest achievement. After all, our customers are the backbone of our business and it's our job to make you happy. All over the internet, DSG is loved by all - and our customers like to shout it from the rooftops. 

"DSG is awesome" - Eyler_Evo_X

"DSG +1 for great service and price" - weap0n

"Amazing service and timely response from Sean at DSG. Highly Recommended" - SamiEvoX

-- Forum Rep: Sean@DSG

"DSG is awesome!" - evolevo -- Original Post

Ordered my TWM ss and bushings and received within a week. Ordered a Tommy Kaira hebi bebi and on a 2 month wait. Week later Sean calls with a surprise shipment of knobs and I only had to wait 3 weeks for this bad boy. Just a thank you to Sean for the great customer service and badass products.

"Sean@DSG thank you. ETS Intercooler" - wicked_evo11 -- Original Post

Sean@DSG. Amazing vendor and i have done deals with him a few times and everytime was nothing but total satisfactory. He is very responsive and stuck with me from beginning to now. I will be looking forward for more future business. BIG THANK YOU SEAN for all your help. 

"Sean@DSG - Review: Aero Sideskirts" - Darklol - Original Post

Again another another amazing purchase process.

First up got a price for the skirts and Sean was able to beat it and make a price with shipping and customs included so I didn't have to worry about surprises when items arrives at my door. He even decided to ship the skirts to DSG HQ and I though he would give me call to come pick them up but no. He sent me a SMS (Text message) to tell me the skirts arrived my house. He shipped them out again from DSG HQ to my house.

Sean is just the best in my opinion and by personal experience. Just mad props to Sean, I even disturbed him during his Canada Day Holiday by calling him up and again he answered all my questions and was able to even shoot me a link for a product on his web site from his phone while he was at the grocery store lol sorry again 

"Review: Sean@DSG - PW:JDM, Cobb, & Tanabe inside" - Darklol - Original Post

As in the title, I want to thank Sean@DSG for all his help and time that he spent with me. He is a great guy and gives an awesome service.

"DSG Review + Eibach Springs" - GO ON 3 - Original Post

I would like to start off by thanking Sean @ DSG, for all his help and outstanding customer service along with amazing prices! After buying 2 sets of Eibach Springs for me and a friend, Sean and DSG is now on my top 3 list for Preferred Vendors!  

"Sean @ DSG" - Dynasty X - Original Post

Hey everyone,

I started talking to Sean this time last week, I was getting ready to order some parts (looking for an UICP, front strut, and exhaust) though, I hadn't completely made up my mind at that point. I gave him my list of parts as well as an idea of what my budget was. He quickly sent me a PM giving me the prices on all the parts. I decided on the HKS Hi Power catback, and the brushed anthracite UICP and front strut from PWJDM. Now, HKS had recently increased their prices, though Sean was unaware that the Hi Power was effected- he quoted me the old price. He mentioned the mix-up to me and let me know that he would honor his original quote anyway, which is awesome 

The next part probably won't make much sense, but this random story helps prove the point that he was very easy to work with. So, when ordering my parts, I decided not to put it on my credit card (don't ask why) and instead, I bought a few prepaid debit cards... which was stupid. Paypal was not fond of my idea, I talked them 4 times that day to figure out what I had to do to make this work. I was required to make 3 Paypal accounts, and, I had to send 5 separate payments to cover the order. It took me my whole Monday to figure out that mess. Sean went with it like it was perfectly normal- you know, every hour or so you see $200 or $2.95 show up in your Paypal account from unknown places. 

Anyway, it was great working with him, he got me great prices and put up with my annoying payment process. I 100% recommend DSG to everyone 

Also, I mentioned that I completed the purchase on Monday- two days ago. Well my exhaust already came in tonight I did not request any special shipping or anything- good luck I guess  A review of the parts will be showing up in the following days.

Thanks again Sean,

"Sean @ DSG Performance" - Boostedfun - Original Post

Dealing with Sean @ DSG Performance has been wonderful. I feel like he really goes above and beyond to give the customer the best experience he can. He responds to PMs in a very timely manner. Equally as important; he takes the time to respond to them fully. He is the first to come through with sending me the tracking # when it became available. We've all got the PM that says, "Tracking will be sent when it becomes available" and never hearing from them again after that. Usually, you wait a few days and send them a PM saying, "Order update?" or "Tracking number?" or something similar. This impresses me most because it shows Sean's customer service doesn't end after the sale has been made. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.

"DSG Performance - Sean" - Darklol - Original Post

I wanted some lowering springs but wasn't sure with what to go and I have been looking at the suspension threads to help myself decide. Since I didn't know what I wanted, Sean said he had Tanabe GF210 in stock and he likes them since our roads are better bad here and it still gives a good looking drop. I still wasn't sure about Tanabe so I made Sean work and asked quotes for Eibach ProKit and Swifts. I finally semi-made my choice because on pictures the GF210 looks like the drop isn't noticable so Sean said we could meet up and I will be able to see the drop and make a decision. We did meet up and he had a good chat about his EvoX and the parts on it even if my speaking english isn't the best. When I saw his car it was exactly what I was expecting and the drop was noticeable like he already had told me on PM so I bought the Tanabe with a really good price.

Sean is really a great guy who gives a 150% for his customers and he knows what he is speaking about. He answered all my PMs very fast and he even drive to show me his car and deliver the springs and that without asking any additionnal fee but I couldn't accept that so I added a few bucks nothing big but was just to show I appreciated all he did for me and for driving 20-30mins.

Thumbs up to Sean and I will definitely buy again and hope we can work some local meets !

Thanks Sean ! I will post pictures of the drop, I'm really happy with it and the ride feels so great 

"DSG Performance" - dericchan1 - Original Post

I would just like to start this thread to show my appreciation towards the excellent communication and service provided by Sean @ DSG Performance. 

I bought The SUN AUTO - The Hot Inazma Super Pocket (plug n play) a couple of weeks ago based on the recommendation by Sean. I was never fully believing in grounding system until Sean explained to me in detail what the individual grounding system does and the logic behind it. This is an experimental piece for me before going into full grounding system mods and I am fully satisfied with the results. I feel noticeable differences as it reduces static noise in my sound system; the engine is more responsive especially when A/C is on and in terms of fuel efficiency, I am getting around 20-30km more out of a full fuel tank. 

The delivery of the piece was timely, and Sean kept me inform of the status at all time. He even took care of me in terms of customs issues. Honestly, I am pretty new at this car modding scene and Sean was extremely patient and provide me with a lot of guidance and advice in terms of what should be my next mods and mods selections. 

I am overall extremely happy with the entire experience. Sean and DSG Performance are now definitely my official go-to guys for all future performance mods. 

Thanks Sean and DSG Performance  


"DSG" - steelbahamut - Original Post

I recieved the synchronic BOV I ordered from them today, Sean was great to deal with and really went out of his way to deal with me over the holidays, and went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of when there was a bit of a hang up with the shipping. All in all a great vendor and I would recommend them to anyone!